Sunday, January 31, 2016

Why do we need to pretend so much?

I always hated how much we need to pretend, specially when we like someone, like why can't we be real? There is much protocol when we start talking to someone new and that we like... you're not supposed to answer fast because you seem desperate, can't be honest about not doing anything because then you'll look boring...and the list goes on of the things we should carefully plan before we talk and it all sounds so methodical and calculated, so I am wondering what happened to be yourself and show that you care and give a shit, what's so bad about that?


  1. That's true... You're right! But I'm afraid we just can't stop pretending because everyone does it all the time, sometimes as a habit (a bad one; in that case, they are hypocritical) and sometimes as the result of peer pressure (or their need to be accepted by the society' stereotype)

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