Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Muslims' lives matter.

Do not let the world fool you. Please don't. I beg you. Just listen, okay?

Bad things are happening around the world, and we might be tempted to point fingers to the people who definitely don't deserve it and who are in far more danger that our westerns minds would dare to imagine. Being in a safe place makes it easier to say and point what's wrong, what's not good, but I tell you my friend, do not let them fool you.

After the attack in Paris everyone seems to realize how dangerous and inhuman ISIS really is, the truth is that what happened was a terrible, terrible event, but I want you to listen to me, just for a moment.... Do you know that hundreds and thousands of muslims are fleeing their homes because they are afraid of these people who use the name of their religion as an excuse to do what they do? I want YOU to know that Muslims are not terrorists, they are not heartless people, but do you want to know what are they?... People, people who have suffered so much that your priviledge self, could not even begin to imagine what they have endured in their homeland, they are people running from the lives, humans.

Let me tell you another thing, ISIS is just a terrorist group that claims to be Muslim, but they are not, I assure you. Taking your religion and use it as justification of hate crimes and murders of innocent people has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with religion and everything with hate.