Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Year 2014!🎉

With a new year, new hopes and goals formed and is inevitable to think about all the things that didn't went well in 2013, but a new year means a new beginning for some and a new chapter of life for others. The fact that every year we hope and pray for new changes and magic things to happen is a sign of how much we crave happiness in our lives. Remember that we have the power to change what we didn't like of 2013, we have the power to imagine better and be better, being the change we wish to see. 

Setting goals and making a list is a big part of staring the new year, I dare to say, 
there is something magical about feeling we can start over and make things happen.  So, I'm confident and hopeful that 2014 brings much more happiness, challenges and Heath to me and everyone who is in some way wishing the same.