Sunday, November 16, 2014

Faith in decisions.

Choices should be easy, I mean we all should know the things we want in our lives, but it gets a little complicate when we have no idea if what we're doing it's actually what's right for us. When we  make a decision we like to believe is the best we could make, but how do we know? How do we get the certainty of making the right choice when they're thousans of possibilities lying there for us to choose. So, all we got is faith, yes faith, as lame as that might sound it's all we got. Faith that we are making the right decision, that we are doing what we are meant do and becoming who we want to  become, but must importantly faith in ourselves and in our own ability to decide what's truly important and right for us.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

She opened her eyes...

She opened her eyes and she just couldn't believe he was right there next to her. It overwhelmed her to feel him this close, to be able to sense the heat of his body his deep breathing, but most of all his eyes which were so blue and beautiful, each part of him was. When she put her hand over his chest and kissed him while he worked his hand down her body, making her shiver all over, she felt this need of never moving from that moment and that passion. There was something so powerful about him touching her so intimately, so close, because somehow she always thought that she would never get that kind of moment.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Listening should be Easy, but it's not!

Listening seems so easy, right? Well, it's not. I have to say and be honest about how listening to others may seem like the easiest thing in the world, even the most natural but it's sad to say that it's not. Really listening to others and put our own thoughts always is not easy pie. So, the first thing we should try is to let others finish their ideas, which is one the hardest things to do because immediately another person is talking we're unconsciously jumping to conclusions and possible ideas of what that person might say, which at the end it's never what we think it will be. The second would be to learn not to be judgemental since when we are, we are blocking ourselves to the possibility of understanding others as they deserve.

Listening is not being able get words, it's the ability to understand another person's ideas, feelings and believes. So let's try our best to be listeners and not talkers, of course remembering that sometimes words are as necessary as silence. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Year 2014!🎉

With a new year, new hopes and goals formed and is inevitable to think about all the things that didn't went well in 2013, but a new year means a new beginning for some and a new chapter of life for others. The fact that every year we hope and pray for new changes and magic things to happen is a sign of how much we crave happiness in our lives. Remember that we have the power to change what we didn't like of 2013, we have the power to imagine better and be better, being the change we wish to see. 

Setting goals and making a list is a big part of staring the new year, I dare to say, 
there is something magical about feeling we can start over and make things happen.  So, I'm confident and hopeful that 2014 brings much more happiness, challenges and Heath to me and everyone who is in some way wishing the same.