Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What society wants.

Society decides what's good, what's acceptable or what isn't. Today I want to talk about social parameters. 

We want it or not we are part of society, we are part of a community or group of people and each one of those people have expectations or parameters they are going to put you through to be accepted into that specific group. Society works like that, they tell you is okay being who you are and say what you feel, and later make you feel bad because you have your own opinion about certain topics. And it not only goes with society itself, it goes the same with governments, relationships, everyone seems to think is okay to make you feel that you can say the truth and even feel bad If you don't, but the moment you are brave enough to say it out loud you're screw, because that's the point. They expect you to act how they want and yet want you to be yourself which is completely impossible and stupid. 

So, don't  follow others path, others beliefs. Make you own, be your own and know that that is the the way to go. 

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