Thursday, May 2, 2013

I've realized.

I realize that the moment is today. That the people who surround you today are the people who will shape your future and your present. I realize that The moment that passed and the memories you lived and the money you spent in these wonderful adventures that life is, are everything.

Today I've realized so many things, hope is not too late.

There is nothing as enjoying your life, as living to the fullest, getting crazy and live, because we don't know what tomorrow might bring.

Travel, take pictures, hug, love, say, feel, think, take chances,and surround yourself by wonderful people, people who are just so good that you miss them even when you don't see them just for a day, because let me tell you my friend that people are everything. They shape us, and make our lives more interesting and bearable when the sad moments hit us.


Realize that today we are able to do many things that in a future we wont be able to do, so don't regret the choices you made, or the memories or the trips, remember they are all part of you now. Discover. Find. Explore.

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