Wednesday, January 16, 2013


“Family is family no matter what” I just love that quote, because it has a big weight. Family is the people you fight with, the ones that make you so mad that you say things that you never thought you would, or make things you thought you would never do, what I mean is just that they are the people who can turn you into a freak, yelling and screaming. But that’s not all, they are also the people who are there when everyone else has disappeared, they are the ones that support you when you need, they love you unconditionally no matter what, even if they say they don’t (especially little brothers/sister) they do love you, because “family is thicker than blood” that quote has its reasons.

Don’t get me wrong; when you have friends in your life, it’s freaking awesome, but nothing like family. In my opinion they are the people who truly count. But of course every family is different and there are cases when family are just the worse. All depends.

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