Saturday, September 8, 2012

There are only two kinds of people in this world. Good people and bad people. That’s the only difference in human beings.

Today watching the movie My name is Khan and there aren't words, sentences or description that can express how impotent and sad I feel today. I quiet never understand how we can be so focus in the things that make us different, I don’t know. I just never gave so much thought about the fact that I’m catholic and they are other people who are Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist or Christian ( I'm just too busy loving what's so different about other people) and I didn't think about it not because it does not matter because it does, but because I find myself looking beyond that, beyond the fact we have 2% that make us different so I decide to focus in the 98% we have in common.

And why do we keep discriminating people for their beliefs? Why? Why would I criticize another religion? Why wouldn’t I hold my brother and sister hand because their beliefs is different from mine, how wouldn’t I help people for that? It amazed me, and makes me deeply sad how ignorant, how arrogant, how incredible stupid we humans can be, but most of all it creeps the hell out of me that we live in such a big world with a such little mind, with such little understanding of the other, how we base our opinion of an entire religion or culture based on what we see on tv or hear on the radio. 

But most of all I feel scared, yes scared, because I find myself in a world where prejudices is going to kill us all.

"God is always the same, even though he may have a thousand names; but you need to choose a name to call him by".

So remember " God has no religion" ~Mahatma Gandhi

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