Friday, September 21, 2012

Finding Someone.

You know, people write thousands of books of how wonderful and great would be to find someone who would change your world for good, someone who will make everything worth it and find someone you have a real connection with, and I agree. I think that it’s wonderful and the most precious thing but, today I’m thinking of what happens when you do find that person, when all the bullshit in the world doesn’t matter because to be next to that person is just that great, but it turns out that you could never be with him/her for one reason or the other. I mean how fucked up is that because, I don’t get it. Finding someone is easy and when you do apparently this person is not for you so, the universe says “Screw you” What’s with that?

I just hope that after all the crap and things we have go trough; all the ups and downs are worth it.  And we could finally find someone who loves us the way we deserve. That’s all I can hope for.

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