Friday, September 21, 2012

Finding Someone.

You know, people write thousands of books of how wonderful and great would be to find someone who would change your world for good, someone who will make everything worth it and find someone you have a real connection with, and I agree. I think that it’s wonderful and the most precious thing but, today I’m thinking of what happens when you do find that person, when all the bullshit in the world doesn’t matter because to be next to that person is just that great, but it turns out that you could never be with him/her for one reason or the other. I mean how fucked up is that because, I don’t get it. Finding someone is easy and when you do apparently this person is not for you so, the universe says “Screw you” What’s with that?

I just hope that after all the crap and things we have go trough; all the ups and downs are worth it.  And we could finally find someone who loves us the way we deserve. That’s all I can hope for.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

There are only two kinds of people in this world. Good people and bad people. That’s the only difference in human beings.

Today watching the movie My name is Khan and there aren't words, sentences or description that can express how impotent and sad I feel today. I quiet never understand how we can be so focus in the things that make us different, I don’t know. I just never gave so much thought about the fact that I’m catholic and they are other people who are Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist or Christian ( I'm just too busy loving what's so different about other people) and I didn't think about it not because it does not matter because it does, but because I find myself looking beyond that, beyond the fact we have 2% that make us different so I decide to focus in the 98% we have in common.

And why do we keep discriminating people for their beliefs? Why? Why would I criticize another religion? Why wouldn’t I hold my brother and sister hand because their beliefs is different from mine, how wouldn’t I help people for that? It amazed me, and makes me deeply sad how ignorant, how arrogant, how incredible stupid we humans can be, but most of all it creeps the hell out of me that we live in such a big world with a such little mind, with such little understanding of the other, how we base our opinion of an entire religion or culture based on what we see on tv or hear on the radio. 

But most of all I feel scared, yes scared, because I find myself in a world where prejudices is going to kill us all.

"God is always the same, even though he may have a thousand names; but you need to choose a name to call him by".

So remember " God has no religion" ~Mahatma Gandhi

Friday, September 7, 2012

Freeze The Good Moments.

And I’m just thinking how awesome would be if I could live the good moments, the life changing moments in slow motion. I mean how good would be to experience the best moments in your life, to really appreciate it slowly, feel the happiness around you, to be able to actually freeze it and stare at the movie of your life.

We live and I just think we never take some minutes to actually drink in it, in the happy changing moments, because it might be all gone tomorrow and the truth is that no one wants to freeze and live their bad moments in slow motion. So, I’m all in for the good moments with friends and family and slow them down. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

We live a fast life.

We live a fast life. We go running from place to place doing things, making plans not actually enjoying or having the time to do so. We live fast, because we are so full with work and responsibilities and all the crap that life has to give and sadly you find yourself too busy to actually take the time to do things or to say what we feel, we don’t have time, we don’t make it. And I’ve asked myself what would it happen if tomorrow arrives and I am not ready, ready to go, to not live anymore, if tomorrow arrives and I am not yet the person I wanted to be, if I died and I don't say the things that for so long have been stuck my throat.

We live too fast and some day it’s going to catch us. The shock of knowing we’ve spent our whole life running around, and not paying attention to the small details.  The concert we wanted to go, but we didn’t because we had to work next day, the person we liked and never said anything because we thought it would ruined the friendship and we just burned inside with pain, without knowing what the other person might feel for us.

And as I’ve said before, we live too fast and some day we are going to wake up with the realization that life has passed by, and moments are never coming back. Just to find out that we are not the same person we were before and nothing is ever the same.