Wednesday, June 20, 2012

All In.

All in, that's what people are looking for, a person who is all in, in a relationship. Commitment  can be a little bitchy to find, but you can find it, the question is, can you actually find a person who is 100% into you, not only in likes, someone who is willing to give more than what it's expected.

People  go on dates, have sex and party and say the don't want a relationship, and it's true. But in my personal opinion goes beyond that, is not that they don't want a partner, is just sometimes finding someone who disposed to give as much as received or even more, is really hard to find. People put all their feelings out there and work and work trying to give all they have to a person who is not set to give a little more that what they are already giving , and who blames them? Giving your most vulnerable part of you to someone else, that's a scary shit if you ask me.

Being All In is easy to ask, but to give? Be the one who lets the wall down ? Not so much. Fear can do that. Going out there face it? Much worse. But what are the chances that risky it all you find the person who is willing to give what you want the most, the 100% you've asked your whole life. Taking chances is the only way we can find out who's out there.

I know, I know, it's not easy, but no one say that finding the right person was.