Friday, March 16, 2012

Don't take anything for granted.

Why we always take things for granted? Why do we always think that we have forever? What is it about us, human beings that make us feel like we have eternity to appreciate things, when we clearly don’t.

We wake up every day and we take everything for granted. Our families, who are the most important people in life, people who loves us unconditionally, our friends, the people we laugh with, they make our day much brighter and funny. The sun that makes everything looks shiny and hopeful. The birds, which sings for us to hear, the things we do for pleasure and we just do it for passion or simple love… And just everything that is around us. It amazed how clueless we are sometimes, it’s not surprising we miss so much every day, the things we don’t notice because we are so busy searching for the things we already have, people and moments that we own, we don’t need to go much further to find what we are looking for.

So next day you wake up, remember you have so many people in your life, so many moments you’ve lived, don’t take it for granted, appreciated and just remember that you don’t know what you have until you lose it. 

Friday, March 9, 2012


Today I am wondering why is so hard for us to believe that miracles do exist.  Sometimes we believe in miracles, we know they can happen but somehow we are never expecting them to, is like our mind is close. Why? Why it is so hard to actually accept that things that cannot be explained can actually happen in our daily life? 

There are the people who say they don't believe in miracles, this people are always expecting something with more logic to happen, which leave them with a world full of questions and no answers and waiting for something to happen but denying to their self that what they actually want, is a miracle.

Then, there are the people who believe in big miracles, like God can heal AIDS or cancer but when it comes to small details about life they forget him. Is like we only think that he can make big miracles, but you should know, we should know that when it comes to helping us, God is always there. It doesn't matter if you are asking him the cure of a disease, a simple happy day with your family or just to make a friend smile, a miracle is a miracle. Big or small it doesn't matter.

Though it doesn't always happen and we often think God is not in our side, sometimes he has his reason, I believe.