Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Love.

Do we ask too much? We all want a fairytale; we all want that special love and feel that love back. And today as Valentine’s Day I am asking myself if (the people who have no couple) are asking too much? Are we? Because sometimes we might be waiting for someone who won’t be there for us as we want it, and sometimes we just find ourselves all alone. And it is okay to want the fairytale, it is. Is just that reality is a little harder to give you that, and that story brings lot of things not only happiness, but it is possible to find a fairytale in the middle of our lives, just remember that to have it we will have to face a lot of obstacles and most all we have to remember that fairytales don’t have a happy ending. To me have a fairytale is to find someone who is worth knowing and loving, someone who love you as much you that person, fairytale means happiness above pain.

We wait, and wait and see that nothing happens and we just freak out, thinking we would be forever alone, but we won’t. I believe that we all have someone, someone who completes us just in the right way.  We just need to have faith that God have someone out there for us. The world needs its balance ;)

(Valentine’s day is not only about lovers love, is about love in general. Is about to share the love we suppose to share the 365 days of the year, to just share it a little more extra. Because every day is special and precious to be with someone we love).


  1. I love this. Yes, valentine's day is about love. Loving each other, loving yourself. Love. It's a really nice feeling in this magical day, because you have an excuse to show your love. (Some people need that)

    Being in a couple or being alone doesn't mean anything. It's a day to be happy, not to ask yourself a lot of question. hahaha

  2. Hahahah I guess.. But you just can't help to wonder, doesn't matter what day it is :)