Monday, January 16, 2012

Dream Bigger!!

Fantasy Vs Reality.

Reality, most of the time sucks, that's why we love fantasy so much, because we just love the fact that there is another world when we can lose ourselves and just see and feel fantastic things that are not possible in the real world  or it can be but is not often seem.  Fantasy is good, we can't live without it, we love it and hate it, we just let it flow in our minds and set us a scenario and we just experience what a world full of possibilities, no limits would be like. And we love it, we are so into it what it can offers us, so we lose reality, and when we do that, we forget that even if the real world is not as we want it to be it's not worth it, but it is, it is worth it. It's important to realize that  as much we love fantasied about things, we should start make things happen, make them real so, that's when things get interesting, when fantasy stops and reality kicks in, giving you the possibly that you thought you never had. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Chemistry, Attraction.

Today I was just thinking that sometimes I don't really get what Chemistry really means. I think attraction works in really mysterious ways, I mean you think love is fussy and hard to understand, well this is messier. We feel pull into someone sometimes, like a force we don't get or understand, but we know what it means, chemistry, That's all we want. Because that's the beginning of things... Because after suffering and losing love over and over again, we want magic in our lives, not only love... love is never enough, In my opinion there are things that need to be work out, to work... Chemistry, not so much, is like you have it or you don't. You find someone who understand you, who can get you and that is really important.

 As I said it before; Connection is what we crave the most and it is in my opinion the most hard to find, real attraction and then when you find that, love can happen, real love , not the kind of 'love' that one day you are in and one day you are out, is not fashion, is not a ride, it's a journey a destiny. When you feel real chemistry with someone that's great, forget it, that's AWESOME, because we live in a world where it seem so hard to find someone who understands.  

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I have faith. Against all logic, against all the bad things that can and have happened in life I still have the hope that things will improve, things will change because what If we wouldn't have the faith that things will go right someday, what's left for all of us if we don't have the faith and hope that the things we have endure and suffer won't worth something in life... It does worth, it makes us stronger so, that when actual happiness knocks our door we can open it and feel ready to take the next storm that comes along and knowing that we've survive what seems so impossible to overcome, that it's a gift of life, so after that, we won't feel afraid to feel, to live and to love. Because we know there's so little chances in life to be real happy and put all the suffer behind and actually bring something good of a bad experiences. That's why it is so important to keep the faith, because after all that's all we have left.