Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We are tough people.

We are tough people. We don’t open our hearts to everyone, we fight fiercely to protect our vulnerability, we deny that we love certain people and pretend we don’t’ care, because we have the clean record of not being too open about things. But that change, arrive to our life a person we secretly like and all the toughness, and the close person we used to be, disappears.  

Then we enter into the word of the people who are in love, the people who not long ago we thought they were pathetic and illusionist,  and we become one, not 100%, but, some sparkles appears and we realize how empty we felt before. So what are we suppose to do with this feeling when we find out that the person we are in love is not that in to us? Do we suppose to lost hope or do we suppose to believe one day that person might like us back?  Because we think that we should give our love only to one person but if that person is not available for us, should we stop trying to find love elsewhere? Or we should just keep looking some love that can be return and conform to the one we get.