Sunday, November 6, 2011

Part of us.

Some people are under our skin, like they are part of us. People mean so much to us and we are clueless how they become such a big part of our life, when they have  become so important to our hearts? 

Sometimes we have this little moments when we are with that person, the moments  we feel that everything is going to be alright, the moment you feel peace, when you believe everything is going to be much better tomorrow, because this is the kind of things that people who are extremely special to us can do, they transform us, they change us, they make us say things and act like never before. 

You don't imagine yourself living without your special one, even when they don't know how much special they are, you just don't. Because if only thinking of losing the one you love can make you feel empty. What actual loss could feel? .... it could break us, simple as that.  

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