Thursday, October 27, 2011


We all know what values are, as human beings we are all different but as different we can be, there are things that do not change and values is definitely one of them.

Are values lost? We are always told what’s good and what is bad and as we grow older we can judge and understand things much better, or we think we can but I personally think it just gets messier sometimes. We all know that values don’t change, there are always the same, but as the time pass how people see values do change. We live in a world of constant changing and we have to adjust because if we don’t we get behind, but the question is does adjusting means to lose our believes that we consider important in life?

Sometimes we lose our ability to distinguish what is wrong from what is right because we see so many people doing things that are not okay and looks so normal that we lose perspective about what’s really important. We feel pressure from ‘society’ that seems to play a bigger role everyday in our life and in the way we see things.

Values are the base of society, so if we lost the only thing that really matters, what can we expect for the future?  

We most fight, we must accept ourselves and just don’t lose our standard of morality and the values that we feel that are really important for us, because values are the part that really define us as people of integrity.

“Always do what you think is right for you, not for other”

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