Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New People.

New people come into our life ; it’s a thing about living: you are always meeting new people who might actually become your friends. But the thing is, sometimes we don’t feel like meeting new people, we just don’t. Sometimes we are so happy with the friends that are in our life or just missing the ones who are not there anymore, and we just want them back. So, it’s kind of hard to be in the process again, yep, the process of making friends: To know the person, see if you have anything in common, see if it is a person you can trust. Is just really exhausting doing all this things, so is just much better being in our conform zone and just don’t feel the excitement to meet new people.

But actually thinking a little about, how bad can it be? You know, actually letting some people in? I mean, we are so used to the friends that we have  around us and just the people we've met, so how bad can be?, be open to just to actually share with a new person. And maybe who knows? We might be surprised when we give the chance to be friends.

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