Thursday, September 29, 2011


We always expect to be excited for certain things. Things that in some point in our life looked incredible, but when we are when we were always motivated to be, we find ourselves indifferent to the situation, which can make us feel so disappointed. And what can we do about it? What can we do to feel motivated, happy, excited about something, when things change so much and you just realize that the future you pictured in your mind isn’t like the one you are living right now?  …It’s kind of a turn off, to know that is not how you wanted it to be. But I’ve decide today to make it better. Yes, they are things I cannot change, friends I miss, people that had left, but I am still here, surrounded of wonderful people, who I care about a lot, so, what’s the matter of being sad? No, no... Today I would do better, much better, because I deserve to be happy, we all do.

Today give your 100% because tomorrow you realize that some people are still there with us in ways we don’t see, and that is reason enough to feel a little more motivated to continue. 


  1. siempre hay que estar con motivación y positivamente

  2. Sip, estoy de acuerdo. Es que solo a veces es tan dificil.