Saturday, September 3, 2011


As human beings we are natural curious. We love things that are mysterious and unpredictable because we don’t have quite often that, in our life. So we crave with passion that emotion, we want to be mysterious; we want to be unpredictable because we know that we’ve become bored, and everyone see us that way. We love mysterious because that give us excitement and rush in our life, we want to feel alive, feel drag to something and there is nothing compare to curiosity. Sometimes we just get tired of knowing and we want the unknown to come in to our life and make us discover new things, wonderful things that we not see every day. That’s why we want to believe in fantasy, because we want so desperately to know the dark side of everything and see that there is not only light, we want to believe that, there is much more that what we see. We after all want to believe in magic.

But who knows, maybe there is more. There is a reason why we crave so much. We want answers.

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