Thursday, September 29, 2011


We always expect to be excited for certain things. Things that in some point in our life looked incredible, but when we are when we were always motivated to be, we find ourselves indifferent to the situation, which can make us feel so disappointed. And what can we do about it? What can we do to feel motivated, happy, excited about something, when things change so much and you just realize that the future you pictured in your mind isn’t like the one you are living right now?  …It’s kind of a turn off, to know that is not how you wanted it to be. But I’ve decide today to make it better. Yes, they are things I cannot change, friends I miss, people that had left, but I am still here, surrounded of wonderful people, who I care about a lot, so, what’s the matter of being sad? No, no... Today I would do better, much better, because I deserve to be happy, we all do.

Today give your 100% because tomorrow you realize that some people are still there with us in ways we don’t see, and that is reason enough to feel a little more motivated to continue. 

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Silence means a lot, and says nothing. How much does silence really means? How important is? Do you ever think about that? ... I do. Sometimes we feel we need silence in our life, and actually we do need it. We live in a world full of noise, it’s exhausting been listening or speaking all the time, sometimes we want a quiet time to think about everything: our actions, why we are the way we are?, why we said the things we say? … Silence is so important, and it’s necessary to be able to hear our hearts, because in those moment of quiet, is where we can really face ourselves.

Silence makes us curious to know what others might be thinking; it makes people interesting, because they keep too much from others, from the world.

We actually hide so much by talking, we think the more people talk the more we know, but sometimes that is just not the case. Some people just talk to hide themselves and that make us more curious to know what really is behind all that talking.  

Being able to know which moments are okay to  keep quiet those are moments that matter, that moments we are able to show how much we know about silence and speaking. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011


A person can mean so much to us, so so much. It’s amazing how much you can love someone when they don’t even know. It is amazing how much you can care for person happiness more than your own. How you forget to think about yourself because you are too occupied thinking about the other person.

Sometimes we have to pretend been satisfy when we are not, because we are not with the person we want to be, and it hurts like hell, but spending time, just this way: talking, laughing. Means so much, being this way, is enough  to keep me happy, not enough to feel fully satisfy but enough to survive each day.

"You can love someone so much...But you can never love people as much as you can miss them". 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Smile, Laugh.

I love to smile. There are lots of things I love, but to smile, laugh there is nothing better than that. When you feel you can't breathe and tears come straight to your eyes because is just so funny. I mean these moments are treasures, pleasures of life. When you laugh there is this moment when everything stay still and you feel happiness    in your cheeks, in your chess, in your whole body. And then when you stop you just feel so good and relax, it's like a magic cure... you know, it almost, almost cures everything.

When people make us laugh we immediately like them, because that’s priceless cause not everyone can bring that from us, not everyone can make us laugh with a word or joke.

When you have friends, family, girlfriend/ boyfriend who make you smile treasure that, because you know what makes laughing or smiling even better? ... That the person who is making you smile is someone you love. 

Saturday, September 3, 2011


As human beings we are natural curious. We love things that are mysterious and unpredictable because we don’t have quite often that, in our life. So we crave with passion that emotion, we want to be mysterious; we want to be unpredictable because we know that we’ve become bored, and everyone see us that way. We love mysterious because that give us excitement and rush in our life, we want to feel alive, feel drag to something and there is nothing compare to curiosity. Sometimes we just get tired of knowing and we want the unknown to come in to our life and make us discover new things, wonderful things that we not see every day. That’s why we want to believe in fantasy, because we want so desperately to know the dark side of everything and see that there is not only light, we want to believe that, there is much more that what we see. We after all want to believe in magic.

But who knows, maybe there is more. There is a reason why we crave so much. We want answers.