Sunday, August 21, 2011


Do you ever get the feeling like you kind of not deserve good things happen to you? Like is a weird thing. And when it does, when you actually have an opportunity to actually feel free, it’s like you don’t want to be? Because some part of you is so used to being alone and being not happy that you just want to stand there and not come out at all, it sucks that we actually come to feel that way, is disturbing for us. But when we actually decide to be free, to be happy, to be and do what we want and not what others want of us is an amazing feeling how happy little moments can make you. When you decide to turn off your negative side and just be positive….. Of course this side is not always in the mood, which really, really sucks, which means we have to make an enormous effort to be positive and don’t let that little things put us down.

Is not as easy as to say it at all, but I’ve come to the conclusion that when you really want something you will make things work. It’s actually kind of incredible what you can do if you put your mind in it :)

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