Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Not Enough.

I hope you guys like my post, even though I don't feel like this  one, is one of my best, at all. But still hope you enjoy reading it. Write some comments would love to read your opinions. 

Sometimes feeling is not enough. Having someone to love is not enough. Sometimes the fact that you also need to be loved to feel a live comes more clearly than ever. The fact that when you give too much and you don’t feel appreciate it can break you down. Human beings need lot o things to feel a live: air, water but, sometimes we just need little things just to feel cared, is not hard. But someday we stop, we stop caring, we stop trusting people because sometimes the truth is that people are just full of bullshit and we hate that, we hate the fakeness. So my point is that, feeling is just not enough, feeling cared, loved; is just not enough at all. We need trust, respect, we need a lot of things. We need to see that people actually care because is much easier to say we cared, to say we love when we don’t, and that shows in our way to act with others.

After all I mean that we need show how we really feel, to show that we appreciate and value the people we love, because sometimes we supposed they know, but sometimes they don’t. That’s why is necessary to show how much we care.

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