Friday, August 19, 2011

It's Scary.

It’s scary you know, Life. It’s scary to know how many times at day we feel so bad with ourselves, how many times we don’t say what we think because we are afraid what other might think of us, it’s scary to know that we live in a world when people judge you for how you look and not for how you act. It’s scary to think and feel you are not good enough sometimes, it’s scary to love someone so much you feel that you only breathe when that person is there and knowing that , that person doesn’t feel the same way about us. I mean everything in life is just so scary because we are living and we don’t know how and we want to be accept it and be normal and just you know feel happy and there are just many things in our way to happiness.

It’s scary to feel you can trust no one but yourself. And most of all is scary to know who mess up the world is. But I want to believe that in some way we can find our way to overcome those fears and be able to survive, be able to actually be happy and grateful because we are so lucky in so many ways, we have a home, food, friends…. And even we don’t feel grateful or happy; sometimes we have to be, not because we want it to, but because we have to, because we realize how special we are of even being alive. 

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