Saturday, July 9, 2011

Too Good?

Have you ever ask yourself if you are just too good for someone? Because that crap about is me not you is like the new version of the dog ate my homework, everybody knows the real meaning but people still use it, like we don’t know what is behind that quote. I mean people get hurt all the time thinking they are not good enough for some people, because other are smarter, prettier, funnier, out our league we say. But seriously, have you go out lately? You go on the street and look at this amazing hot guy/ girl and when you look at his/her couple and you are like O_o how that hot guy ends with that ugly girl and vice versa. Maybe they see something we don’t. So screw chances, maybe after all we are too good for some people. I am not saying you can have anyone you want because, you can’t. But even the most irritate girl/boy you can’t stand, for some reason find someone who can. So chances are that you are going to find someone too. Trust me, the world is not that mess up. It needs a balance.

Because at the end, we are the ones who can choose if we want to be alone or not, sometimes is not in our hands but most of the time it is. 


  1. OMG!! I'm speechless I loved it

  2. I think there is someone for everyone out there, now that doesn't mean you will be lucky enough to find that person just because they are out there... Life gives you chances and if you don;t take them you might loose the chance to meet your soulmate. Yes, there could be more than one soulmate for each person, but how many people can be lucky enough to even find one? I can only speak of personal experience and can say I almost found this person in the past but there is always something you have to put up with or overlook, the same goes for the other person, they have to accept things about you that you may not realize are not all so pleasant.. so how is this relevant to your blog? I guess there is no such thing as being too good for someone or they are better than you, unless you are comparing a brain surgeon with a waitress and even then, there may be something they like on each other that would totally make them perfect for each other... I think in love you have to be lucky to find a nice person FIRST, and the work on the relationship to make it last and loving, but if all you find are rotten apples then you need to look at your choices and see what is it that you are doing over and over again when you look for your other half and change it or you may well go through life looking and end up alone or unhappy in your golden years.

  3. I am not saying that some people are too good for others, but there are cases when it is true but not for physical aspects but because some don't give themselves into the relationship as others. And Also people are the ones who create that crap about someone not being in our league and stuff, and in my post I am pointing that is a lie. Just because someone is hot or whatever doesn't mean you cannot have a chance because you are not as stunning.