Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Maybe, we are misunderstood most of the time. That’s a thing we all are afraid, that people just can understand us, sometimes it seem silly to feel this way, because, we think how hard can be, be understood. Let me tell you that is very hard sometimes, is hard to explain our feelings, our actions and most difficult to understand them. Because we want a person who understands us, but what happen when we can’t even understand ourselves? What’s left? Because, we all are scared that we might be judge for the things we say, most of all we are scare to not be able to have someone who can listen and appreciate us for who we are. We, as human beings we are scare of many things, but not being able to have someone who can understands you , that must hurt, a lot. So maybe we should try to understand more the people we love: our friends, family, because after all, we also want to be accepted from our loved ones, no matter our race, sexual orientation or decisions. We want to feel that people support us no matter what.

But we cannot pretend to want the others accept us for what we are, and we don’t accept them. So understand, think, give your 100% and just try not to be that judgy person, because if you want to be understood you must understand others first. 

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