Friday, June 3, 2011

We need to break routine.

We have such a long way to go. So many streets to cross, so many mountains to climb, so many path we have to take, and still we are living our normal life waiting change, waiting for something big happen to us. I mean what the hell are we doing? Do we actually waiting for our lives to take course? So many roads out there waiting for someone to walk them, and yet here we are, saying that we want different things, that we want to discover the world, so how we pretend to do this? How we pretend to follow our dreams and we are stuck here living our boring life.

And we look and say my life is not that bad, and it isn't. But don't you ever ask what's out there? the things we might accomplish if we stop being the person we are and become the one we are meant to be. I don't know my path in life, I am still discovering, we all are. But wouldn't be nice for once, broke these routine and go different places, meet new people and just expand our knowledge. We said we want to stop routine and discover our road, our destination, but what are we actually doing something to discover them or we just sitting waiting for happiness to knock in the door?





  1. Por aki pase a llenar la encuesta!!! :D Muy Chulo el BloG!! :D

  2. Hehehe Gracias :) A mi también me gusta tu blog. Es muy interesante :D