Friday, June 3, 2011

Just listen.

Does it matter what we think? Do people actually pay attention to us? I think they don't. What everyone wants is a person who can listen and understand, but just a few take the energy to actually be that person they want other to be. We can't pretend to ask other to be the perfect person for us when we aren't like that to them. Everyone wants someone to listen but not one wants to be the one who listen, so what is left? because we need both, people who listen to us and we need to be someone who idisposed to be what we want from others. 

Don't pretend to be perfect when you are not. Learn, be the change you want to
see. Because when we ask if what we say matters is because we are not sure that
people want to listen, and yes it does matter, for many people don't but 
for the ones who actually care about you, it does.

Don't think or judge, just listen.

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