Thursday, June 23, 2011


Damage. When I see this word I just feel you know bad because we all know what damage means, it mean it's broken, it means that is useless.

Do you ever get the you feeling you are like a broken object, useless. Because today I have asked myself what the hell is with people. What's wrong with the world? We wake up everyday broken inside  moving forward and having no idea how to deal with the feelings we have. Is it me the only one who feels that everyone is like a jerk lately, we don't care about anyone but ourselves, and that's good because in this world if you want to survive without any damage left, you cannot care, it's a crime to care, only that in this crime you are the  victim and the killer. Some damage you can't explain because it hurts too much, some is there reminding you everything you had lost, and some damage is waiting for time pass to heal the wounds. 

It's unbelievable the damage you can do just having good intentions. Because you think, we think that if our intentions are good, so is our actions, but we have no freaking idea how wrong we are on that. Damage is good time to time, it make us realize who is worth it and who isn't, it makes you stronger, but when damage is too deep, when hurts so much, sometimes damage is just intolerable

Friday, June 3, 2011

We need to break routine.

We have such a long way to go. So many streets to cross, so many mountains to climb, so many path we have to take, and still we are living our normal life waiting change, waiting for something big happen to us. I mean what the hell are we doing? Do we actually waiting for our lives to take course? So many roads out there waiting for someone to walk them, and yet here we are, saying that we want different things, that we want to discover the world, so how we pretend to do this? How we pretend to follow our dreams and we are stuck here living our boring life.

And we look and say my life is not that bad, and it isn't. But don't you ever ask what's out there? the things we might accomplish if we stop being the person we are and become the one we are meant to be. I don't know my path in life, I am still discovering, we all are. But wouldn't be nice for once, broke these routine and go different places, meet new people and just expand our knowledge. We said we want to stop routine and discover our road, our destination, but what are we actually doing something to discover them or we just sitting waiting for happiness to knock in the door?




Just listen.

Does it matter what we think? Do people actually pay attention to us? I think they don't. What everyone wants is a person who can listen and understand, but just a few take the energy to actually be that person they want other to be. We can't pretend to ask other to be the perfect person for us when we aren't like that to them. Everyone wants someone to listen but not one wants to be the one who listen, so what is left? because we need both, people who listen to us and we need to be someone who idisposed to be what we want from others. 

Don't pretend to be perfect when you are not. Learn, be the change you want to
see. Because when we ask if what we say matters is because we are not sure that
people want to listen, and yes it does matter, for many people don't but 
for the ones who actually care about you, it does.

Don't think or judge, just listen.