Friday, May 6, 2011


Love is change. Love changes us in all sorts of different ways. Why would we want it to change someone we love? Love has this thing that I cannot explain, this something that makes people look brighter, happier and smile more. Every love is total different and some ways are the same, when you love, things don’t matter, because you have important task to do and is to keep that person happy. I think no everyone understands what love really means or maybe they do and they are just stupid enough to ruin it. There are the people who won’t say I LOVE YOU because that are afraid that it won’t last, some cheat because they have no courage enough to say what they feel and try to fix what is broke, the ones that say I LOVE YOU when they don’t mean it and are the ones that I hate the most, the ones that try to change the one they say they love, but for me that is not love, because if you do love someone you wouldn’t change them.

I don’t mean that if someone is a bad person you won’t try to change it to be better person,  because you love them this way. What I actually mean is that the little things that annoy you from others and you find this person who does the same but in some weird way you find it adorable, that right there is when I mean you wouldn’t change that person.

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