Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I saw a tweet today that said: The hardest part when someone lies to you is to know that you didn’t worth the truth.

I do not agree with this. I think we lie for many reasons, some reason might look good, we lie because we don’t want that person to know the true, sometimes we lie because we have no choice, and sometimes we just lie because we can. I think lies are very difficult matter to understand, because we might lie to protect someone, ….yeah I know what you are thinking, that might sound stupid but there are cases when we are not the  ones to suppose to tell the truth, so we lie. I personality feel that what it hurts the most when someone tell you a lie is not that we are not worth it, I think that is crap that people made up. I think that what really hurts us, is the fact that that person didn’t trust us enough to tell the truth.

I also think we are hypocrites when it comes to lies. I mean everyone lies, everyone. So we go in the world saying that what we hate the most is someone that lies to us, but do we ever think about the fact that we lie for no reasons sometimes? Do we ever think that the lies we told can also hurt someone? I think we don’t. So next time we judge someone for telling lies to us, check yourself if you are as honest as you pretend you are.

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