Saturday, April 9, 2011


What if I am not satisfied with the life I have? With the people I’ve met?  With the choice I’ve made. What happen if today I realize how wrong I am and how bad things I’ve done? What if I need a new beginning? I need a fresh start.

Would you support me? That’s the question I have on my mind. Would you understand that sometimes the thing we accomplish are not enough, that we are looking for something marvelous, something awesome, something that make it matter. Being satisfied in life is the 2nd hardest things ever, the first one is loneliness. I might be crazy for trying to feel complete satisfied, but hell if I won’t try. Understand that I am on a state on my life that I need to search myself and see what I am missing that I am not satisfied with what I have.Only fools are satisfied with life, but I am not searching that kind satisfaction, I am looking self satisfaction :)

Be there when I come back, because you will be on my mind when I gone.

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