Thursday, April 14, 2011

Move on.

Things don’t go the way you want. Life moves on, people move on, our love moves on and it’s like we still on the street waiting for a car to pick us, a car that won’t show up. We stood still, we don’t move and we see how life pass and people built houses and have children and everything is making sense for everyone except for us. The whole world is just moving on and I am still here waiting for my change to arrive, waiting for the light and I am just waiting to move on, to keep going. I will use the strength I don’t have, the smile that has been erased of my face to keep going and pretend that everything is ok.

This moment when you feel you been forgotten, and you feel total alone, that’s when you realize how much things change and how people at the end of the day would choose their own path, and we have to search for our own, even it seems so hard to do. Because the truth is that we get hurt and if we let this things make us paralyze, we won’t move on, and trust me you wouldn’t want that for you, because when you don’t move on, and stay in the same stage in life you realize how much you’ve lost and that just can’t take any hope to find the path of happiness, for that move on and make silly decisions and live life because at the end is all that you didn’t do that hunts you.  

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  1. That's exactly how I feel I just never could put it in words.