Sunday, April 3, 2011

I want to change.

Why it is so hard to change? Habits, people, things.  Why it's so hard to start fresh?

I want to change so many things about me. So many things that are not okay I do, but every day I say I will change and start all over again, but I am not strong enough to do what I say. But today I will change that. I’ve decide I want to be somebody else, someone that I would be proud to be, I’ve decide that change is not only say it, is actually do it. We are so use to do the same things we always do, take the same road that we always pass by. But what is the point of being someone we are not proud of, what is the point of no change and say we want to be a better person?

Change is hard, personal change even worse. But try, because if you don’t you always be someone who didn’t try changes that are suppose to pass and make us better person. Change is the best thing we can do, of course we have to be wise enough to see the difference between good change and the bad one, because once change is on our door, is not way back to be who be use to be.


  1. I know EXACTLY how you feel (or felt when you wrote this). I have the same tought very often.

    Grettings from Chile :]

  2. Right. I mean change is so hard. Thanks for reading my blog btw.
    I speak Spanish :D