Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Script - Breakeven

Why we need to follow our dreams?

In life we always have goals and this is what makes us want to achieve things. I just want tell how important is follow our dreams as crazy, silly; they may see. It is important to be honest, to yourself and when you stop giving your 100% to follow your dreams because someone tells you that you won’t make it  this is when you stop being true to you and the world, because you are not trying to do the best you can and because you are rejecting the plans that God has for you. Follow your dreams because they are going to make you who you are, because you will accomplish a state of happiness, because it will show you why all the bad things that happened before was for this moments of bliss.

Follow your dreams no matter what people say, there are ones that only tell you that you won’t make it  because they are mad that you have accomplish so much and others they have already accomplish their but still not satisfy. But you be different, be happy, make dreams possible so others feel that there is still an opportunity and most of all, follow your dreams because what value your life would have if you are not someone who wants a better world for yourself and thousands of people who don’t have the courage to do what you would be capable to do?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Break up.

When someone ends a relationship for a reason or other it means a breach of good memories with a person you care about and love. When you break up with someone y go back with that person, you love them a little less, even you say otherwise you know it hurts to know that that person in some moment give up. Even you feel that you still love this person the truth is that you if you go back with your ex, it does not matter how much you love them; when you get back to them is not the same. It hurts to know that in some point of the relationship that meant the world to you and so many tears, he/she just give up so easy, that didn’t mean for her/him the same. 


Cuando alguien termina una relación por un motivo o por otro significa un rompimiento de buenos momentos con una persona quien te importa y quieres.  Cuando rompes con alguien y vuelves con esa persona, dejas de amarlo un poco, aunque digas lo contario sabes que te duele que esa persona en cierto momento se rindió. Aunque sientas que todavía amas esa persona y te sientes mal por ello, la verdad es que si vuelves con tu ex por mas amor y cariño que sientas por esa persona que amaste tanto; cuando vuelves con él/ella no es lo mismo. Duele saber que en cierto momento de la relación que significo el mundo para ti y tantas lagrimas, la otra persona solo se rindió así de fácil, que no significo para él/ella lo que para ti fue.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Today I just was reading some quotes from Paulo Coelho, who is one of my favorites writers and I was just thinking about life and the things I would like to change and the things I don’t appreciate.

I would love to learn value my life, I want to see the extraordinary things that I miss every day. I want to be better person, I want to become and learn to be someone I would be proud of. How many wonderful things happen in one day that I don’t really notice that I miss? Each day is new; full of great experience and sometimes bad but is always teaching us something. I just want to wake up and feel so bless to feel alive and just see the little things that make me so different from anyone else and make my day different from others. The key is learning, is all about learning how to be someone happy.

Then, when I actually learn living and not being a viewer in my life, I would be able to say that I am living my life to the fullest. Because what is the point of having a life when you actually don’t see the miracles in it, what is the point of waking up and don’t have nothing to accomplish; exactly there is no point. So learning this , be able to see the beauty and little things that make my day different would be awesome.