Friday, February 4, 2011

Like everybody else.

Why is so important to be part of the group? Why it is so important be like everybody else? Feeling special is all that everyone wants. Matter that´s all we want. But in our society be unique or no follow rules because is simple like that “You are not follow the rules because all the things they say about it is good to stand out and be you, is all crap. People don’t want other be theirs self because that means that someone won’t be agree with others and no one wants the guy/girl that is always saying she/he isn’t agree. So trying to be you in this fake and “normal” world is pretty hell scary. So I must said that I feel proud for all the people young, adults that stand every day showing the world that being real, no fake is actually pretty cool and that is how it feels being really free. Because no one can be free without showing others their true selves. 

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