Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Control is a hard thing to get in every aspect in life. Is hard to control ourselves, our emotions, feelings, but most of all, life. Controlling is a powerful word itself, control means to  be able to make things happen the way you want, so now you get my point about how hard control really is?. For me control is a big part of my problems because most of the time I can´t not control what I say, or how life is. There are many people that being happy means to have total control of their own life and others and this is a  really bad thing because you lean trough life that you cannot have everything. Control means everything for some of us, for others no having control at all it means being total lost. As people we wish that everything turn out how we wanted. But I’ve decide today to make a difference, to change that part of me that is not happy with life, with the feelings I have, because I cannot control them all, today I´ve decide to be open, not only to change but to let things happen, to let God control my life and show me how good life without extreme control can be but I also want to learn the difference between control and not letting things go how it suppose to be.

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