Saturday, February 12, 2011

Because we care.

I think we care too much sometimes because if we don’t we think we are going to be alone for ever. We need to care; we do, when we stop caring there is a problem because even if we say that we don’t, we do. Is not because we like pain or anything is just that when we care about someone our mind is busy, we have reason to continue living, to love , because that’s all care means, love. We care because we love and we love because we care. Caring is just part of who we are, there are times when you care it all have meaning but there are times that we don’t allow our self care because that can mess all up and of course we don’t want that even if it means to be alone for ever. But then are times when we must care because we are so freaking scare of being alone and not caring sometimes is all that mean.

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