Friday, January 14, 2011

Wrong or Right?

Have we lost our values , Did I have lost my values? My moral? my principles? Are we just in a too modern time, is it bad that I think this way?

What happen if all the things I think they are right , are actually wrong, what if I am doing the wrong thing? supporting bad things? It hurts me to think that I am doing wrong, it hurts me that you told me that way, it really hurts. I know what I believe, I know what´s is wrong and what´s wright, but today you just make that all the things I know get twisted, all this, and now I am all confused. I know you were trying to help me and light me but now I am so sad to hear all the things you think and more to accept that I am find Ok those things.

What is someone talk bad things about somebody you Love... (crashed) That is the way I feel right now. It means everything to me , everything and everything you say feels like you are saying to me :( , I know your intention wasn't bad, I know but it didn't  stop making me feel heart broken. 

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