Thursday, January 20, 2011

We Always want more.

As humans, as people, as a mother, father, daughter, son we always want more. It is our nature to always look forward of what we have. We are teach and told that if we feel comfortable for what we have we are conformist, if we don’t feel good about it and we want more then we are greedy. So when we know that we haven’t cross the line of conformist or the line of greedy? When we must stop want it for more and when start want it more? We rarely find that balance and even rare find people who wants to find it, because all we want is more: more to be happier, more to be better, more to be richer, we want more  more…. And that is when everything stops having meaning because we are so focus and all the things we want and we give little attention to the ones we have.

I am not saying that is not Okay want it more, I want it more myself for me, for my family, for everything in my life but the problem is when what we want becomes more important that what we had, that’s when you lose balance, that’s when you start being  greedy.

Don’t be a conformist neither because when you turn into this kind of person the problem is that you don’t want anymore and that, my friend is a really big problem because: goals and the things you want in life is what keeps you going on. So find the kind of person who wants more and that enjoys what it has for what it is: a treasure.

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