Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lying in the Roof.

Sitting in the roof, seeing the beauty of the sunset and I am just clearing my mind because I am very confused, with life, problems, family, friends. I am watching how the sun goes down and soon the moon  will be raise but my problems and stuff will still be there, so I am here  this afternoon trying to understand life and as you can know is no easy at all because I don´t understand 90% of what is going on. I really don´t think that being a teenager is hard I´ve figure out today that life is what is hard and in this age we just learn that.

Still feeling lost in my mind figuring out how I will make it to the next day. The sunset time is almost gone and I don´t want to leave because I love this part of the day, you know, this moment is just like the earth doesn't move and I am just lying in the roof and I am the only one able to move and find the secrets that the universe hide from all of us. In this moment I feel so special, so important… this moment is precious, now finally  the sun goes down and I stare still with the hope I will see it tomorrow because in this changing world the sun is the only thing I can be always sure it will come out.

By: Brigette Tavarez. 

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