Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just for you to know.

Do I try too much? Do I care too much? Maybe I do. It is a part of me always caring, always giving too much of myself to someone that might never care about me… yes I am giving too much of my time, myself. I just reach a top where I cannot give anymore, I cannot care, I can’t start to care too much all over again, because is no healthy for me. I must start looking forward and give my time to someone who matters, someone who cares, just for you to know I need to have positive thinking on my mind and you don´t bring any of that, I specially need stop trying so hard to understand, to be the one who hold us together. I really need to stop being the glue between us. Fist we shouldn’t need any glue because the idea of being together is that Love is what hold us, but there is not that at all. I need you too care too much, to try as much as I do. I can’t be the one who is always there, so once it a while would it be nice for you to care some shit about this, just for you to know. 

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