Sunday, January 23, 2011

Getting Hurt.

There are feeling that we can’t express, attitudes that we can’t understand. Every human being is totally different, we may have similar attitudes and even we can think the same way about something but and general we are completely and totally different. There are feeling that feel and we can’t say to others why we feel that way, we try to go to the bottle of that feeling, trying figuring out why we feel that, there are injures, damage to be exactly that can hurt us and we don´t even notice at first then couples day or even years we break down and cry, we cry like we have never cried because all this time trying to feel okay, to live normally, it comes the day when you don´t feel good anymore and it hurt like hell, it hurts so badly to discover what other have done to us pass the years, but most of all it hurts more to know that we didn’t do anything to avoid that person hurting us , that we didn’t protect our soul from the pain so we just close that door for days, moths even years but then we forget and we get hurt all over again because you can’t chose who to love but we can decide to open that door or not.

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