Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Everyone has a person.

Everyone in this world doesn’t matter race, religion, social level. We all have our little perfect someone. Let me guys explain what perfect” really is when you meet this person. In some point in our life we meet someone who is different from all the people we´ve meet, this person change our world, heart, our thinking about stuff, it change everything……. Yeah I know, this person just arrive and start making changes in our life like if were theirs but we let them, because this person is just different from anyone. It doesn’t matter how stronger you are, how successful, rich, smart, you won’t avoid meeting this kind of person. What I am trying to say is that, when you fall in love with this person, who is your weakness, we get blind, because we all want this, you know…. we want to be loved and cared to someone. And falling in love of this perfect someone to you can be life changing, you can find two types: first; the one that can make you open your heart and get hurt, very much and the feeling is not good, is like this person is an addition and you feel you can’t be without this person but is not really love. Second; It can make you world brighter, better, happier, can make you heart feel full and just the feeling of finally fit in is word is just  Wonderful of course if it is the right person, if it feels right to be there.

Don’t get confuse because that you love someone and you find it perfect for you, don´t make them the right person for you, I am not saying you shouldn’t falling in love of someone you like and you feel good about, I am just saying that sometimes we get confused about love, about meeting the right person, about open our heart to someone who does not care at all about us, so pray for the right person to come and you heart won’t get hurt, because we all have this little person who changes everything sometimes is bad, and there are the times when just change your life forever and for good.

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