Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Am I empty? I mean how do I suppose to have this full life, how can I do that. How can I stop feeling alone because sometimes it doesn't  matter how many people is around me, is just sometimes I can't control feeling this way. In my opinion happiness and sadness come in to your life when you least expected, it is true that it all depends on you but sometimes God try to test us, yes test us and see how much we have grown, no only physically but spiritually and he wants to see if after all the mistakes we made and all the bad things we did, we finally learn the meaning of life, the meaning of emptiness we feel, the meaning of me, he wants to know if I figure out who we are because that is the only way to know what I need to feel complete. 

Have you ever notice that are days when you feel so damn happy , like extremely happy for no reason.. thats what we say( no reason) but the truth there is always a reason to feel happy is just that our soul feel it and show it but our brain still doesn't  understand why Our souls are that happy , It´s simply that our brain can't understand our souls because they are no connected, each other know that the other is there and both know they are extremely important for humans, for us. So The key to not feel empty anymore we must find the balance between our soul and our brain, when they are connected and you finally understand the magnitude of God and how important he is, you will no feel empty anymore because you will finally we in peace with yourself and most important with God. 

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