Sunday, January 2, 2011

Don´t mess up with someone else Feelings.

Most terrible thing that a person  may feel? You know what it is? think that  someone love you, when they really don´t.

There are things as human beings, as people of God we should know... hurting others is not a satisfaction or a entertainment thing to do, you are not playing with dolls or inanimate objects, we are talking about people who feel, who cry and can feel reject it, useless. Is not a option hurt anyone at least it shouldn't be, Of course that are options that you can not choose sometimes, and sometimes it just doesn't  work and you have to put a stop.... and that is OK because you have to know that if you going to love you are risking your body and soul to damages that might never heal . But when it comes to play with heart and feelings is dangerous, you are not aware how that things you do with someone hearts can affect their life and personality.

Always try to be honest with the other person and most of all try to be honest with yourself because no ones likes to get their heart broken, you might get away today with your heart intact, but a long you find someone who can damage you as no one could, everyone have this person, you know the person who can mess up all your soul and have the power to destroy it because you let them but if this person knows well, that vulnerably can make you feel the most especial person in the world. 

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