Saturday, January 8, 2011

Book of this week: A Child Called "It"

There are just no words to express my sadness reading this book,I felt so bad and sad to read about Dave Pelzer´s childhood , it totally broke my heart, no only a shocking and true story but is just amazing all the things he did to survive because that become his main goal, to survive from his abuser mom. I just spent all the book crying and just cursing this woman who did so much damage to this little boy who didn't even have  9 years at the time she torture him, beating him she even make him to eat his own vomit and drink ammonia, saying this is hard and I can not even imagine how would it be, to live that. But now Dave is a good man and loving father and the only thing it keeps coming to my mind how he become the man he is and survive one the worse abuse of childhood in the history of California. 

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