Friday, January 21, 2011


Sometimes we  feel alone, feel totally and completely alone. feel left out. feel we are  part of another world and no part of anyone else world. Is it possible feel this way with so many people around us ? is it? or is just a feeling to hide other deeper feelings. Be alone for to long is no good, I though it was .... Is it possible to find someone who actually wants to listen, someone who doesn't have the compromise of listen to you , just do it because you actually matter? I wish people  try to listen to what others want to say,like for real, no trivial stuff, but actually know how we feel inside. I have so many things going on on my mind, so many opinions to give and so many things to say, that I feel that my mouth don´t say how I really feel anymore, I feel trapped.

I think love is missing, I think that we all are in our little bubble of world and we forgot that we left people behind. 

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