Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Everyone has a person.

Everyone in this world doesn’t matter race, religion, social level. We all have our little perfect someone. Let me guys explain what perfect” really is when you meet this person. In some point in our life we meet someone who is different from all the people we´ve meet, this person change our world, heart, our thinking about stuff, it change everything……. Yeah I know, this person just arrive and start making changes in our life like if were theirs but we let them, because this person is just different from anyone. It doesn’t matter how stronger you are, how successful, rich, smart, you won’t avoid meeting this kind of person. What I am trying to say is that, when you fall in love with this person, who is your weakness, we get blind, because we all want this, you know…. we want to be loved and cared to someone. And falling in love of this perfect someone to you can be life changing, you can find two types: first; the one that can make you open your heart and get hurt, very much and the feeling is not good, is like this person is an addition and you feel you can’t be without this person but is not really love. Second; It can make you world brighter, better, happier, can make you heart feel full and just the feeling of finally fit in is word is just  Wonderful of course if it is the right person, if it feels right to be there.

Don’t get confuse because that you love someone and you find it perfect for you, don´t make them the right person for you, I am not saying you shouldn’t falling in love of someone you like and you feel good about, I am just saying that sometimes we get confused about love, about meeting the right person, about open our heart to someone who does not care at all about us, so pray for the right person to come and you heart won’t get hurt, because we all have this little person who changes everything sometimes is bad, and there are the times when just change your life forever and for good.

Libro de esta semana : El Fantasma y el Gotico - Stacey Kade

Después de un encuentro cercano con la parte delantera de un autobús escolar, Alona Dare regresa de la casa de la Reina, la Reina de los Muertos. Ahora está atrapada aquí, en forma de espíritud y no hay signos de que la gran luz brillante viniera a llevársela. Y para empeorar las cosas, la única persona que podría ayudarla es Will Killian, un perdedor total/ del tipo marginado que odia la élite social. Sólo él puede verla y oírla, pero él no quiere nada que ver con la peor y anterior chica de Groundsboro High.

¿Podrán superar su desconfianza mutua y esta atracción extraña entre ellos para trabajar juntos antes de que Alona se desvanezca para siempre y que a Will no lo encierren por ver cosas que no existen?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Getting Hurt.

There are feeling that we can’t express, attitudes that we can’t understand. Every human being is totally different, we may have similar attitudes and even we can think the same way about something but and general we are completely and totally different. There are feeling that feel and we can’t say to others why we feel that way, we try to go to the bottle of that feeling, trying figuring out why we feel that, there are injures, damage to be exactly that can hurt us and we don´t even notice at first then couples day or even years we break down and cry, we cry like we have never cried because all this time trying to feel okay, to live normally, it comes the day when you don´t feel good anymore and it hurt like hell, it hurts so badly to discover what other have done to us pass the years, but most of all it hurts more to know that we didn’t do anything to avoid that person hurting us , that we didn’t protect our soul from the pain so we just close that door for days, moths even years but then we forget and we get hurt all over again because you can’t chose who to love but we can decide to open that door or not.

Cuando te hacen daño.

Hay sentimientos que no podemos expresar, actitudes que no entendemos. Cada ser humano es totalmente diferente, podemos tener actitudes similares y hasta pensar de la misma manera sobre algo pero en general somos completo y totalmente diferente. Hay sentimientos que sentimos que no podemos decir a los demás como nos sentimos de esa manera, tratamos de ir al fondo, tratando de entender porque nos sentimos así, hay lesiones, daños para ser exactos que nos hieren y nosotros ni lo notamos al principio pero después de algunos días incluso años, nos descomponemos y lloramos, lloramos como si nunca hemos llorado porque todo este tiempo tratando de sentirnos bien, de vivir normal, viene el día cuando ya no te sientes bien y duele como el infierno, duele tanto descubrir lo que otros nos han hecho años anteriores, pero más que nada duele más saber que no hicimos nada  para evitar que nos hirieran, que no protegimos nuestra alma del dolor así que cerramos la puerta por días, meses hasta años pero olvidamos y nos vuelven a herir de nuevo   porque no puedes elegir a quien amar pero podemos decidir a quién abrir esa puerta y a quién no. 

Character of the week : Maria

“At every moment of our lives we all have one foot in a fairy tale and the other in the abyss.”
“When we meet someone and fall in love, we have a sense that the whole universe is on our side… And yet if something goes wrong, there is nothing left! How is it possible for the beauty that was there only minutes before to vanish so quickly? Life moves very fast. It rushes from heaven to hell in a matter of seconds.”
“If I must be faithful to someone or something, then I have, first of all, to be faithful to myself.”
“If I’m looking for true love, I first have to get the mediocre love out of my systems.”
“Anyone who has lost something they thought was theirs forever finally come to realize that nothing really belongs to them.”
“The art of sex is the art of controlled abandon.”
“Passion makes a person stop eating, sleeping, working, feeling at peace. A lot of people are frightened because, when it appears, it demolishes all the old things it finds in its path.”
“In love, no one can harm anyone else; we are each of us responsible for our own feelings and cannot blame someone else for what we feel.”
“The great aim of every human being is to understand the meaning of total love. Love is not to be found in someone else, but in ourselves; we simply awaken it. But in order to do that, we need the other person. The universe only makes sense when we have someone to share our feelings with.”
Pain and suffering are used to justify the one thing that brings only joy: love.
“Considering the way the world is, one happy day is almost a miracle.”
By Paulo Coelho´s Blog.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Sometimes we  feel alone, feel totally and completely alone. feel left out. feel we are  part of another world and no part of anyone else world. Is it possible feel this way with so many people around us ? is it? or is just a feeling to hide other deeper feelings. Be alone for to long is no good, I though it was .... Is it possible to find someone who actually wants to listen, someone who doesn't have the compromise of listen to you , just do it because you actually matter? I wish people  try to listen to what others want to say,like for real, no trivial stuff, but actually know how we feel inside. I have so many things going on on my mind, so many opinions to give and so many things to say, that I feel that my mouth don´t say how I really feel anymore, I feel trapped.

I think love is missing, I think that we all are in our little bubble of world and we forgot that we left people behind. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

We Always want more.

As humans, as people, as a mother, father, daughter, son we always want more. It is our nature to always look forward of what we have. We are teach and told that if we feel comfortable for what we have we are conformist, if we don’t feel good about it and we want more then we are greedy. So when we know that we haven’t cross the line of conformist or the line of greedy? When we must stop want it for more and when start want it more? We rarely find that balance and even rare find people who wants to find it, because all we want is more: more to be happier, more to be better, more to be richer, we want more  more…. And that is when everything stops having meaning because we are so focus and all the things we want and we give little attention to the ones we have.

I am not saying that is not Okay want it more, I want it more myself for me, for my family, for everything in my life but the problem is when what we want becomes more important that what we had, that’s when you lose balance, that’s when you start being  greedy.

Don’t be a conformist neither because when you turn into this kind of person the problem is that you don’t want anymore and that, my friend is a really big problem because: goals and the things you want in life is what keeps you going on. So find the kind of person who wants more and that enjoys what it has for what it is: a treasure.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Solo para que sepas.

Trato demasiado? Me importa demasiado? Tal vez sí. Una aparte de mi siempre le importa, siempre dando demasiado de mi alguien que tal vez nunca le importare. .. si estoy dando demasiado de mi tiempo, de mi. He alcanzado un límite donde no puedo dar más, no me pueda importar, no puede empezar a importarme mucho de nuevo, porque no es saludable para mí. Debo empezar a seguir adelante y darle mi tiempo a alguien que importe, alguien que le importe, solo para que sepas Yo necesito tener pensamientos positivos a mi mente y tu no me das anda de eso, especialmente necesito dejar de ser el pegamento entre nosotros. Primero no deberíamos necesitar ningún pegamento porque la idea de estar juntos es que el Amor es  lo que nos sostiene, pero no hay nada de eso. Necesito que te importe mucho, que intentes tanto como yo. No puedo ser la que siempre este ahí, así que de vez en cuando seria lindo que te importara una mierda esto, solo para que sepas. 

Just for you to know.

Do I try too much? Do I care too much? Maybe I do. It is a part of me always caring, always giving too much of myself to someone that might never care about me… yes I am giving too much of my time, myself. I just reach a top where I cannot give anymore, I cannot care, I can’t start to care too much all over again, because is no healthy for me. I must start looking forward and give my time to someone who matters, someone who cares, just for you to know I need to have positive thinking on my mind and you don´t bring any of that, I specially need stop trying so hard to understand, to be the one who hold us together. I really need to stop being the glue between us. Fist we shouldn’t need any glue because the idea of being together is that Love is what hold us, but there is not that at all. I need you too care too much, to try as much as I do. I can’t be the one who is always there, so once it a while would it be nice for you to care some shit about this, just for you to know. 

Libro de esta semana : Forget you.

¿Por qué no se puede elegir lo que puedes olvidar.... y recordar?

Hay mucho que a Zoey le gustaría olvidar. Como que su padre ha golpeado a su novia de veinticuatro años. Su miedo a que el pueblo entero averigüe la depresión nerviosa de su mamá. Como el oscuro muchacho apuesto se burla de ella en la escuela. Con su vida a punto de convertirse en un completo desastre, Zoey se defiende de la única manera que sabe hacerlo, usando su famosa atención para detallar y asegurar que ella es la hija perfecta, estudiante perfecta, y la novia perfecta para Brandon, el ultra-popular jugador de fútbol. Pero entonces Zoey tiene un accidente automovilístico, y al día siguiente hay una cosa que ella no puede recordar en absoluto—toda la noche anterior.

¿Fue ella al estacionamiento con Brandon, tal como lo había planeado? Y si es así, ¿por qué parece que Brandon la evita? ¿Y porqué es Doug—de toda la gente—quién de repente actúa como si hubiera sucedido algo importante entre ellos dos? Zoey vagamente recuerda a Doug sacándola del accidente, pero sigue refiriéndose a lo sucedido esa noche como si fuera más, y le aterroriza admitir cuánto es un espacio en blanco para ella.
Controlada, meticulosamente Zoey está perdiendo rápidamente el control sobre todo—los detalles importantes de su vida—una vida que parece extrañamente vacía de Brandon, y extrañamente llena de Doug.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Character of the week.

I don’t know what to do. I only know that it’s taken me years to understand that life was pushing me in a direction I didn’t want to go in.”
‘You say people create their own reality,’ said Veronika, ‘but what is reality?’
Dr. Igor answered:
‘ It’s not necessarily the best or the most logical, but it’s the one that has become adapted to the desires of society as a whole. You see this thing i’ve got round my neck?’
‘You mean your tie?’
‘Exactly. A madman, however, would say that what I have round my neck is a ridiculous, useless bit of coloured cloth tied in a very complicated way, and which makes it harder to get air into your lungs and difficult to turn your neck.
‘If a mad person were to ask me what this tie is for, I would have to say, absolutely nothing. The only really useful function a tie serves is the sense of relief when you get home and take it off; you feel as if you’ve freed yourself from something, though quite what you don’t know.
‘ But if you answer ” a tie is a symbol of social status” you are normal. If you answer “a tie is a useless bit of coloured cloth” you are mad’.
“You are someone who is different, but who wants to be the same as everyone else. And that in my view is a serious illness.”
“Live. If you live, God will live with you. If only everyone could know and live with their inner craziness…people would be fairer and happier.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Richelle Mead discusses the end of Vampire Academy (video)

Wrong or Right?

Have we lost our values , Did I have lost my values? My moral? my principles? Are we just in a too modern time, is it bad that I think this way?

What happen if all the things I think they are right , are actually wrong, what if I am doing the wrong thing? supporting bad things? It hurts me to think that I am doing wrong, it hurts me that you told me that way, it really hurts. I know what I believe, I know what´s is wrong and what´s wright, but today you just make that all the things I know get twisted, all this, and now I am all confused. I know you were trying to help me and light me but now I am so sad to hear all the things you think and more to accept that I am find Ok those things.

What is someone talk bad things about somebody you Love... (crashed) That is the way I feel right now. It means everything to me , everything and everything you say feels like you are saying to me :( , I know your intention wasn't bad, I know but it didn't  stop making me feel heart broken. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Estoy vacía? Es decir como se supone que tenga una vida completa, como puedo yo hacer eso. Como puedo dejar de sentirme de esta manera porque a veces no importa cuántas personas están a mí alrededor, yo solo no puedo controlar sentirme de esta manera. En mi opinión la felicidad y la tristeza aparece cuando menos las esperas, es cierto que depende de ti pero a veces Dios para ponernos a prueba, si ponernos a prueba y ver si hemos crecido, no solo físicamente pero espiritualmente y El quiere ver so después de todos los errores que hemos cometido y las cosas malas que hemos hecho, finalmente aprendimos el significado de la vida, el significado del vacío que sentimos, el significado de mi, El quiere saber si descubrimos quienes somos, porque es la única forma de sentirnos completos.

Te has dado cuenta que hay día que te siente tan malditamente feliz, como súper feliz por ninguna razón… Eso es lo que decimos( sin ninguna razón) pero la verdad es que siempre hay una razón para sentirse feliz es que nuestra alma lo siente y lo demuestra pero nuestro cerebro no entiende porque nuestra alma esta tan feliz, es simplemente que no  están conectadas, cada una sabe que la otra está ahí y que son extremadamente importante para los seres humanos, nosotros. Así que la llave para no sentirnos vacios debemos encontrar un balance entre nuestra alma y nuestro cerebro, cuando estén conectados y finalmente entiendas la magnitud de Dios y que tan importante es El, veras que no te sentirás vacio porque finalmente estaremos en paz con nosotros mismo y más importante con Dios. 


Am I empty? I mean how do I suppose to have this full life, how can I do that. How can I stop feeling alone because sometimes it doesn't  matter how many people is around me, is just sometimes I can't control feeling this way. In my opinion happiness and sadness come in to your life when you least expected, it is true that it all depends on you but sometimes God try to test us, yes test us and see how much we have grown, no only physically but spiritually and he wants to see if after all the mistakes we made and all the bad things we did, we finally learn the meaning of life, the meaning of emptiness we feel, the meaning of me, he wants to know if I figure out who we are because that is the only way to know what I need to feel complete. 

Have you ever notice that are days when you feel so damn happy , like extremely happy for no reason.. thats what we say( no reason) but the truth there is always a reason to feel happy is just that our soul feel it and show it but our brain still doesn't  understand why Our souls are that happy , It´s simply that our brain can't understand our souls because they are no connected, each other know that the other is there and both know they are extremely important for humans, for us. So The key to not feel empty anymore we must find the balance between our soul and our brain, when they are connected and you finally understand the magnitude of God and how important he is, you will no feel empty anymore because you will finally we in peace with yourself and most important with God. 

All in -Lifehouse.

All night staring at the ceiling
counting for minutes I've been feeling this way
So far away and so alone

But you know it's alright
I came to my senses
Letting go of my defenses
There's no way I'm giving up this time
Yeah, you know I'm right here
I'm not losing you this time

And I'm all in, nothing left to hide
I'm falling harder than a landslide
I spend a week away from you last night
And now I'm calling, calling out your name
Even if I lose the game, I'm all in
I'm all in tonight, yeah I'm all in, I'm all in for life

There's no taking back what we've got
Too strong, we've had each other's back for too long
There's no breaking up this time
And you know it's okay, I came to my senses
Letting go of my defenses
There's no way I'm giving up this time

And I'm all in, nothing left to hide
I'm falling harder than a landslide
I spend a week away from you last night
And now I'm calling, calling out your name
Even if I lose the game, I'm all in
I'm all in tonight, yeah I'm all in, I'm all in for life

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lying in the Roof.

Sitting in the roof, seeing the beauty of the sunset and I am just clearing my mind because I am very confused, with life, problems, family, friends. I am watching how the sun goes down and soon the moon  will be raise but my problems and stuff will still be there, so I am here  this afternoon trying to understand life and as you can know is no easy at all because I don´t understand 90% of what is going on. I really don´t think that being a teenager is hard I´ve figure out today that life is what is hard and in this age we just learn that.

Still feeling lost in my mind figuring out how I will make it to the next day. The sunset time is almost gone and I don´t want to leave because I love this part of the day, you know, this moment is just like the earth doesn't move and I am just lying in the roof and I am the only one able to move and find the secrets that the universe hide from all of us. In this moment I feel so special, so important… this moment is precious, now finally  the sun goes down and I stare still with the hope I will see it tomorrow because in this changing world the sun is the only thing I can be always sure it will come out.

By: Brigette Tavarez. 

Book of this week: A Child Called "It"

There are just no words to express my sadness reading this book,I felt so bad and sad to read about Dave Pelzer´s childhood , it totally broke my heart, no only a shocking and true story but is just amazing all the things he did to survive because that become his main goal, to survive from his abuser mom. I just spent all the book crying and just cursing this woman who did so much damage to this little boy who didn't even have  9 years at the time she torture him, beating him she even make him to eat his own vomit and drink ammonia, saying this is hard and I can not even imagine how would it be, to live that. But now Dave is a good man and loving father and the only thing it keeps coming to my mind how he become the man he is and survive one the worse abuse of childhood in the history of California. 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

No te metas con los Sentimientos de los demás.

La cosa más terrible que una persona puede sentir? ¿Sabes qué es? Pensar que alguien te ama cuando realmente no te aman.

Hay cosas que como seres humanos, como personas de Dios deberíamos saber… lastimar a otros no es tu satisfacción o entretenimiento que hacer, no estás jugando con muñecas u objetos inanimados, estamos hablando de personas que sienten, que lloran y que pueden sentirse rechazada , inservibles. Lastimar a alguien no es una opción, al menos no debería serlo, pero claro hay opciones que a veces no la tomamos, a veces simplemente no funciona y tienes que parar... y eso está bien porque tienes que saber que si amas estas arriesgando tu alma y cuerpo a daños que tal vez nunca sanen. Pero cuando estás jugando con corazones y sentimiento es peligroso, tú no estás al tanto de que las cosas que le haces al corazón de alguien, puede afectar su vida y personalidad.

Siempre trata de ser honesto con la otra persona y más que todo trata de ser honesto contigo mismo porque a nadie le gusta que rompan su corazón, tu puedes salirte con la tuya y tu corazón intacto un día, pero en el camino encontraras una persona que puede dañarte como nadie puede, todo el mundo tiene esa persona, sabes la persona que se puede entrar en tu alma y tiene el poder de destruirlo porque lo dejas, pero si esta persona sabe bien , esa vulnerabilidad puede hacerte sentí la persona más especial del mundo.

Don´t mess up with someone else Feelings.

Most terrible thing that a person  may feel? You know what it is? think that  someone love you, when they really don´t.

There are things as human beings, as people of God we should know... hurting others is not a satisfaction or a entertainment thing to do, you are not playing with dolls or inanimate objects, we are talking about people who feel, who cry and can feel reject it, useless. Is not a option hurt anyone at least it shouldn't be, Of course that are options that you can not choose sometimes, and sometimes it just doesn't  work and you have to put a stop.... and that is OK because you have to know that if you going to love you are risking your body and soul to damages that might never heal . But when it comes to play with heart and feelings is dangerous, you are not aware how that things you do with someone hearts can affect their life and personality.

Always try to be honest with the other person and most of all try to be honest with yourself because no ones likes to get their heart broken, you might get away today with your heart intact, but a long you find someone who can damage you as no one could, everyone have this person, you know the person who can mess up all your soul and have the power to destroy it because you let them but if this person knows well, that vulnerably can make you feel the most especial person in the world. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year/ Nuevo Año.

New year, new expectations, new love or just relive the old ones... Is an all new year full of new things, experience, happiness, sadness, joy . This new year I just want it to be better than the other. Every year people said that it was their best year, (yeah I know weird)... lucky them they can say that, I just still waiting for the awesome year, so let me tell you 2011 that I totally hope you be better than 2010 I have complete Faith on you don't disappoint me. 

Nuevo año, nuevas experiencias, nuevo amor or revivir  los viejos.. Es todo un nuevo año lleno de cosas nuevas, experiencia, felicidad, tristeza , alegrias. Este nuevo año solo quiero que sea mejor que el pasado. Cada año las personas dicen que ese fue el mejor, (si lose raro)... suerte ellos que pueden decirlo, Yo todavia estoy esperando por el asombroso año, asi que dejame decirte 2011 que espero totalemnte que seas mejor que 2010 tengo total fe en ti ... asi que no me decepciones.