Tuesday, December 28, 2010

People Change.

I want to tell you I was right, I want to be myself with you again, I want to tell you all my secrets and most of all I want to let you know that I am not okay.

But I´ve learn that people change, you are an example of that , you´ve change in so many ways that is almost hard to recognize you, I use to talk to you all night and never feel tired but now I am here alone without you and I am just thinking that I might never know the real you. People change even when you expected that everything stays the same, I am still the same or maybe I´ve change too and I am not able to see it , if I call you , you might answer but then i would have to say my name because you forgot about me and that is a risk I cannot take is better to imagine that you are still the same person I knew .

I just want to travel back in time and say all the things I didn't say.But now is too late, the days where you listen and support me already passed :/ I can´t change who I am and I am not asking you to change but I wont deny that I wish you, where still you, and I was still mean something to you.

People change.
Things go away.
You walk away.

 By: Brigette Tavárez. 


  1. sure they do, love your pics

    keep the good job up !!

  2. i feel the same :'( we just have to let em go for the better but still inside waiting for them.